Classroom Locations

Class Schedule

  • Online, On-Site, One-on-One, or Our classroom. We offer multiple options for our Microsoft applications training. Call us if you would like to discuss your options.
  • We ask that you send your registration form in at least 14 business days prior to the class date. Call or email if the class you want to attend begins within a few days.
  • Classes will be added as needed, so not all dates or classes may be listed. Please call us if you don’t see what you need, or if you have several people interested in the same class. We may be able to add a class to the schedule.
  • Minimum enrollment must be met for these class to be held, therefore class dates are subject to change and/or cancellation.
  • Class Name Length Dates Fee
    Introduction/Intermediate Access 2 days March 14-15, May 3-4, July 30-31 $495
    Advanced Access 1 day Feb 12, Mar 26, May 30 $265
    Introduction to Excel 1 day Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 3, May 7, June 12, July 2 $265
    Intermediate Excel 1 day March 7, Apr 5, May 14, June 18, July 9 $265
    Advanced Excel 2 days Feb 21-22, Apr 17-18, July 11-12 $495
    Excel Pivot Tables 1 day Feb 19, Apr 11, June 19 $265
    Excel Charts 1 day Mar 8, May 10, July 24 $265
    OneNote 1 day Feb. 20, Mar 19, May 2, $265
    Outlook 1 day March 12, May 9, July 20 $265
    PowerPoint 2 days Feb 14-15, Apr 9-10, June 25-26 $495
    Publisher 1 day Feb 28, Apr 26, May 29, June 21 $265
    Visio (comprehensive) 2 days Feb 7-8, March 28-29, May 16-17, July 25-26 $495
    Introduction to Word 1 day Feb 26, Apr 23, June 14 $265
    Intermediate Word 1 day Feb 27, Apr 30, June 20 $265
    Advanced Word 1 day March 21, May 31, July 16 $265

    Class Options

    You have goals and projects to work on; probably more than one. If you are working with a computer program and think there must be an easier way to complete your project, we can help. We offer multiple options for our Microsoft applications training.

    • Our Classroom with Instructor-Led Training
    • Onsite Instructor-LedTraining
    • Online Instructor-Led Training
    • One-on-One Private Consulting

    Click on the links provided above to find out more
    about the courses we offer and our classroom. You
    can view our class schedule in a table format.

    Classroom Locations

    Connect Learning has training locations in the Houston area, and maintains a classroom in Beaumont, Texas, inside the CMS IP Technologies building located at 2930 Eastex Freeway. At Connect Learning, we offer conventional instructor-led-training in both the Beaumont and Houston classrooms.

    All classes at our locations are hands-on classes with a one student
    to one computer ratio. For Microsoft ® applications, we utilize the most current version of the software, but are not limited to it. We can train on versions from MS Office 2007 to Office 365. (Some restrictions apply.)

    Not near one of those locations? We offer several training options for
    your convenience.

    • Onsite Training
    • Online Instructor-Led Training
    • One-on-One Private Consulting

    No matter which program you want to learn or how you want to learn it, Connect Learning has a solution for you. Whatever option fits your needs, you will receive the same outstanding instruction along with a student manual and a certificate of completion.

    In addition, our classroom training comes with a retake policy. Students may retake a class within 6 months of the original class date at no charge. Just bring your manual with you. Some restrictions apply.

    To talk to someone about your training options or to register for a class, please contact us at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188. There is also a contact form below for your convenience.

    Onsite Classes

    Not near one of our locations? Then our instructor can travel to your facility. We have held classes onsite all over Texas including Houston, Orange, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville. Our clients have brought us to teach at their facilities in Mississippi, Alabama, Lousiana, and on production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Companies not only save money they would have spent on employee travel, but also save on employee time away from work. Another major benefit is that onsite classes can be customized to meet your training needs.

    Learning how to use your software correctly and consistently not only saves time and money, but it saves frustration. If you have a group of people in your organization who need to learn how to use an application, consider holding a class at your location.

    The Top Four Reasons to Hold Training at Your Location:

    • Convenience – choose dates and times that fit your schedule
    • Customization – maximize the content of the course to meet your organization’s needs
    • Confidential – exchange information in a confidential environment
    • Cost Savings – avoid the costs and distractions of travel and time away from the office

    To talk to someone about your training options or to register for a class, please contact us at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188. There is also a contact form below for your convenience.

    Online Classes

    Our Online classes are instructor-led-training as well. You will watch in real time as an instructor demonstrates and explains the concepts and class exercises. We recommend that the student have one computer to practice and one to watch the instructor on. You can ask questions and participate in discussions during the training sessions.

    Our online classes allow you to attend a class from just about anywhere. All you need is a computer, internet access, and a headset with a microphone.

    To talk to someone about your training options or to register
    for a class, please contact us at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188. There is also a contact form below for your convenience.

    Private Consulting

    "I don’t want someone to do it for me - I want someone to show me how! "

    Need to learn something specific? Do you have a project that you want help with?

    Build on what you know as you concentrate on your own specific goals and issues with a Connect Learning coach at your side. When an employee has just been moved into a new position, they may need to strengthen their skills for the new job. Sometimes employees need to concentrate on a specific set of skills to increase their efficiency and overall productivity, and that is where private consulting comes in.

    Many people learn easier and faster with one-on-one training. Whether
    focusing on Microsoft® Excel, Visio, Word or any of the other Microsoft® products, your Connect Learning consultant puts their many years of real-world experience to work helping you get the answers to your questions. Work on your project in the comfort of your own office and without an audience. Learn at your own level at your own rate on your version of the software.

    Individual attention to individual needs.

    To talk to someone about your training options or to register for a class, please contact us at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188. There is also a contact form below for your convenience.

    Registratin Form

    How do I register for class?

    • Email

      Click on the link to download the Registration Form. Please make sure to fill it out completely. To insure sure you receive the correct training materials, make sure you have checked the appropriate version of the software program you are using. Then email your form to

    • Fax

      Once you have downloaded and completed the Registration Form, you can fax it to 888.965.9794. Please make sure you have the correct software version checked.

    • Call

      If you are not sure how you want to take the class or what level class you need, give us a call at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

    Once we receive your form:

    • You will receive a confirmation email letting you know its being processed;
    • You will receive a class confirmation email with your class information;
    • You will receive an invoice in a seperate email;
    • You will receive a class reminder closer to your class date;

    To find out more about the courses we offer, please review our course outlines. These outlines are a general guide for the topics that will be taught. We cannot guarantee that all the topics listed in an outline will be covered during your particular class. Based on student need, your instructor may have to adjust the course content to suit your class, unexpected events, as well as the number and skill level of the students in attendance.