Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you decide what class you would like to register for, you may download the registration form to fill out, and return it in one of two ways:

  • Fill it out and fax it back to us at 888.965.9794
  • Email the form to

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188.

To help insure you have a successful class, it’s very important for you to put a check in the box next to the version you are using. If you don’t know which one it is, you can ask a supervisor or your IT department.
After we receive your registration form, you will receive an invoice by separate email that has a “Pay Now” button on it. You can pay either by check, credit card or bank draft. The registration form has a place to put who will be responsible for payment, but for your security, we do not ask for your credit card information. Checks should be received prior to class.

The cancellation policy is at the bottom of your class confirmation form. Please read the ALL the information very carefully. For all classes, written notice (e-mail or fax) of cancellation is required.Student substitutions may be made at any time prior to class without penalty.

In the case of a online class, please contact Connect Learning with the substitute student’s name, contact phone number, and email address 2 days prior to class so we can send the substitute student a link to the class. It is the responsibility of the client to see that the substitute student has the proper manual available for the class. Failure to comply with the cancellation policy or failure to show up for class will result in a charge of 100% of the class fee.

IMPORTANT: See each type of class (below) for requirements specific to that type of class.

  • Classes held in our public classrooms (Houston, Beaumont, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, etc): It is the student's responsibility to attend the class they are registered for. However, all students may cancel their scheduled training as long as notice of cancellation is received in writing no less than 5 business days prior to the class. Any payment, funds, or purchase orders, already invested in a training agreement will be applied towards a future training class. Failure to comply with the cancellation policy or failure to show up for class will result in a charge of 100% of the class fee. Please note, that built into the class price is a $50 nonrefundable, administrative fee. In addition, there is a $50 charge to reschedule a class within 5 business days of the class date. Student substitutions may be made at any time without penalty.
  • Classes held in our online classroom: If you cancel more than 10 business days before your class, your tuition will be refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel fewer than 10 business days before your class or fail to show up for the class, you will not receive a refund.
  • Cancellation Due to Illness: If you cancel your class due to illness less than 10 business days before your class, you will be enrolled into the next scheduled class. Note: If your instructor cannot access the online meeting space due to Internet connectivity problems, your class may be cancelled. In that case, your class will be rescheduled.

If enrollment in the class does not meet the minimum number of students, Connect Learning reserves the right to reschedule the class. Connect Learning cannot be held liable for any travel-related expenses incurred by any participant, trainee, or client.

After we receive your registration form, you will receive an email confirming your class dates, times, and location. It will include a map to the class location. The class location can also be found on the website. – “Contacts” page. Please contact us concerning directions to other classrooms.
Parking is provided in a lot or parking garage adjacent to the classrooms. Parking is free at the Beaumont locations and instructions will be avaliable for all other locations.

Students enrolling in any of our classes should be familiar with the keyboard and how to use a mouse. In addition, all classes above introductory or beginner level have prerequisites specified on the class outlines. Generally, there is not enough time in intermediate and advanced courses for the instructor to cover prerequisite material. (Prerequisites can be found near the top of the course outlines.)

If you have questions about whether or not you meet the prerequisites for a particular course or if you need more information about prerequisites, please call Connect Learning at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188.

Unless other arrangements have been made, a computer is provided if you are attending a class in one of our classrooms.

  • Houston, Beaumont, Austin, or San Antonio classrooms – classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and run until approximately 4:00 p.m. The class start time is stated in the e-mail confirmation you receive.
  • Online classroom – start times vary since the instructor may be located anywhere in the country. Generally, in the Central time zone, they are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The class start time is stated in the e-mail confirmation you receive. If you have any question about the start time, please contact us at or at 409.860.4151 or 713.783.6188.
Lunch is on your own. There are a number of restaurants near our classrooms. The instructor will be happy to tell you what is close by.
Generally everything you need is provided; however, you may want to bring a pencil or pen.
The dress code is casual. You may want to bring a sweater or light wrap with you to class. Some of our classrooms are quite cool.

For a class taken in one of our classrooms you will receive a student manual that covers the concepts taught in the class. If the class uses student exercise files, they will be loaded on your computer. In addition, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

For a class taken in our online classroom, a manual will be mailed to you ahead of time or, in some cases, you may elect to download an eBook. If the class uses student exercise files, you will receive either a CD that contains the student exercise files or a zip file will be emailed to you. In addition, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you attend an "Online Demonstration" only class you will be sent a link to download the class materials.

Our public classrooms hold between 6 and 12 students. Our minimum class size is four. Generally, classes with less than four students will be rescheduled.

Online classes are normally limited to 4 students and are frequently held with one student.

Classes may be retaken within 6 months of the initial class as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Notify us in writing (e-mail or fax) and within 30 days of your class that you want to retake the class.
  • The class has met minimum enrollment.
  • The same version of the class is being offered.
  • The students still has their manual.

If you do not have your manual, we can provide you with one; however, you will be charged a fee that covers the cost of the manual plus shipping and handling.

Prior to class, you will receive an email that contains a link to the Online classroom website. Ten or fifteen minutes prior to class click on the link and follow the directions to join the class. If you would like to verify the link beforehand, please let us know.

If you are attending an online class, you need a computer and that computer needs to have the application loaded on it for the class you are taking. For instance, if you are taking a Microsoft Excel 2013 class, you need to have Microsoft Excel version 2013 on your computer. Please note, the release of the software on your computer must match the release of the software being taught. You should also have a computer or telephone* headset with a microphone. In addition, a quiet office or room where you will not be interrupted is recommended.

We also suggest a second laptop or computer to watch the instructor demonstrations while you work on your computer.

*If you join the class via teleconference, long distance charges may apply.